Hi, I am Piancy,
Founder of Ionica Toys. Completed my BE in Electrical and Electronics, Resigned from my job to take care of my daughter in 2014.

Ionica Toys was started after getting inspired by my Father who is in business for more than 40 years. In my childhood, I use to go with my Dad to Sourcing Things. Meanwhile, I shop for toys for myself. Back then in 2014, I started to source educational, Open-ended toys for my daughter unfortunately the option was less or the price is super high in the toy market during that time. So, I decided to bring all these Kid’s items, educational toys, arts & craft, etc. under one roof that’s how Ionica Toys was born. Ionica Toys is a place where you get most of the Kid’s items, educational toys, arts & crafts extra an affordable price without compromising the quality.

Thus you get the quality stuff without making a hole in your pocket…

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