Diy Set of 4 Assembly Disassembly Yellow Truck


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Engineering car is designed in a perfect size,ideal for kids over 2 year old to play with;No need of battery,an environmental toy;Your kids will definitely love it and have great fun.
?Safe Diecast Vehicles: These are high quality vehicles made from safe non-toxic plastic. This makes them very strong and resistant to fall damage
?Moving Parts: Each vehicle has moveable working arms. Children can pretend to do all kinds of construction jobs with these vehicles and will spend hours working on creative and imaginative play.
?Great Value and Fun Kids Cars Toys: Each construction vehicle is uniquely designed and fits perfectly in children?s hands and pockets. They help to improve skills such as hand eye coordination and early preschool development. They are PERFECT for birthday party favors, Christmas decoration,Cake toppers, and as car seat toys.
Friction Powered Trucks: These require no batteries, just a little push or pull. This makes them very easy to take anywhere!

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