Wooden 5 Column Shape Sorter


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Stacking Blocks Contains 16 pieces, detachable and removable blocks, can increase the baby’s ability of creativity.

This pegged stacking toy helps teach sorting skills, color and shape recognition, and helps children develop fine motor skills.

Kids love to hold the pieces, and to stack them, sort them, line them up, trace them, and play with them in endless ways.

Chunky pieces are perfect size for toddlers’ hands. Count the pieces. Name the shapes and colors. Look around to find other objects of the same color.

It encourages problem-solving and builds hand-eye coordination and manual and manual dexterity. See confidence and self-esteem grow as children rise to the challenge of matching the shapes and creating different patterns.

Funny to learn math, making the abstract arithmetic visualized and interesting. It is one of the must-have educational toys in the growth of every child, Perfect for your kids keep the great new toy.

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