Wooden Knowledge Classification Box Multicolour – 80 Pieces


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  • Enhances young learner learning, memory and cognitive abilities. In addition to fine motor skills, shape, colour and Object Recognition
  • 10 different slots and 8 types of themes numbers, shapes, vehicles, vegetables, stationary, clothes, animals & fruits. To play, simply slot into either one of the 10 different holes for each picture that matches the picture on the bar. The bars are interchangeable, based on the themes
  • Create a chance for your young learner to identify the differences, mix and match, and image identification.
  • An opportunity for open-ended playing for hours togather. Can be played in a team of friends or with parents
  • Aptly called the Bible the knowledge classification box is all you need to teach many early educational concepts and covers a wide range of learning for your little ones
  • Made of natural wood, child-safe and non-toxic colours.

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