Wooden Screw Firetruck Ball Hammer Toy

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With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based Learning at its heart, lets your toddler/pre-schooler marvel at his first engineering wonder, assembling a complete toy vehicle by himself. Introducing him/her to the first concepts of assembly and world of automobiles
Screw cars comes along with integrated hammer ball bench which while pounding/knocking will greatly enhance – gross and fine motor skills apart from empowering hand-eye coordination, colour and object recognition
It will engage your kids at-least for 2 hours giving you the much needed/deserved ?Me Time”. While they are complete engrossed in assembly of their next big thing. Consists of 36 wooden toy pieces – including a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, board, nails, nuts, and bolts – store away inside the trailer to keep your little builder’s supplies organised for the next big job
Assembly or DIY Toys instills self-confidence in young mechanical engineers and keeps them intrigued about innovations and creating new things. The goal of open-ended play toys – it shows/guides the little minds to world of imagination/innovation. Let them think to success!!

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