Wooden Shapes peg Board with Reference


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NICE STURDY PUZZLES: Wooden Shape Puzzles for toddlers is well designed, the pieces and knobs are well shaped so that it can be easily fixed. The pieces are large and the knobs are smooth cut out making them fit perfectly into their slots.
PUZZLE FOR TODDLER: It has a very high educational value and will make a perfect choice for a toddler. Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. Letter recognition, color recognition, visual senses, and phonetic awareness.
PARENT?S OPTIMAL CHOICE: Sometimes you need to get these types of educational toys. As a parent, you may get tired of the noisy obnoxious toys. It?s nice to have an alphabet toy that allows some imagination as well as being educational.
COLORFUL MATH SHAPE WOOD TOYS: Toddler puzzles has colorful images on each slot; including Triangle, square, rectangle, circle,ring, hearten etc…

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