Wooden Solar System Peg Board

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Planet Puzzels brings to you the knob and pegged puzzle game based on the different planets in Universe. Help kids learn about the space and the orbit and planets revolving around the sun. This giant floor puzzle features beautiful and original artwork that replicates a realistic space capture with planets, meteors, and even orbits. The puzzle is 10 pieces. Solving jigsaw puzzles provides great advantages to people of any age. Solving jigsaw puzzles has many advantages for kids. It provides a fun way of learning, aids memory building, improves hand and eye coordination, it enhances object recognition & problem solving skills. It also improves fine motor skills. Other advantages of solving jigsaw puzzles are: It increases IQ Level It enhances Short Term Memory It exercises both sides of the Brain It works on Virtual-Spatial Reasoning It increases attention to Details It improves Problem Solving Ability Wooden jigsaw puzzles are long-lasting, and many people like to buy them. From 5 to 60 years old, people enjoy these games while playing. At a very young age, kids, it helps them to increase their mental growth and development health. Talking about the benefits of the Jigsaw puzzle for adults, it helps them grow their attention, thinking power, and problem-solving abilities and decreases stress. It is recommended to everyone at least one time a day that you need to play a Jigsaw puzzle and try to engage your child in these games.

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